Good Time Oldies 1610!

           Welcome to Good Time Oldies 1610!


Currently, Good Time Oldies 1610 is off the air. 
We don't know if or when we will return,
but we thank all of our listeners for listening over the past six years on air and online. 

Good Time Oldies 1610 is a Part 15,
FCC-compliant AM
radio station serving Reynolds, IL



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FCC Legal Notice

Good Time Oldies 1610 is a part 15 community radio station, transmitting on a frequency of 1610 KHz with a maximum output power of 100 milliwatts.
Good Time Oldies 1610's studios and transmitter are located 1/2 mile northeast of Reynolds, IL. 
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allow for non-licensed, low power radio transmissions on the AM band.  These transmissions must not exceed 100 milliwatts output power at any time.  Good Time Oldies 1610 adheres to these guidelines and operates in full compliance to the FCC Part 15 rules and regulations regarding unlicensed broadcasting on the AM (medium wave) band.