Good Time Oldies 1610!


Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions that we get at the station.

You say that you are a "Part-15" radio station.  What does that mean?
Part 15 refers to the part of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations regarding unlicensed radio signal transmission.
Basically, it states that radio signal transmission with power of 1/10 of a watt (100 milliwatts) or less does not need a license from the FCC.
Our signals cannot interfere with licensed broadcast stations. Good Time Oldies 1610's transmitter fall in these guidelines as our transmitter
uses a maximum power output of 100 milliwatts.

How come at night I have trouble receiving you on my radio?   
Even though we don't have to have a license to broadcast, broadcasting as a Part-15 radio station does come at a price. 
Our signal coverage during the day is up to 5 miles on a good AM radio with a good antenna. 
At night, our immediate signal coverage does not cover as much area very well.  AM signals at night are susceptible to "skywave" signals off of the ionosphere.  W
hen the conditions are right, 1610 AM CHHA in Toronto, Ontario skips enough to cause reception problems. 
Here's a diagram to help show how this happens:

Can I listen live on the internet?
Sure, in fact, we would love if you did!
All you have need to do is go to our homepage and click the Listen Live Play Button!  Thanks for listening!

What is the best way to contact you?
The best way to contact us is through our e-mail address at  We check our e-mail everyday!